A Look at Private Jet Charter Prices

Private Jet Charter Prices


Chartering a private jet in Toronto has never been so affordable. With several premium charter companies flying out of the GTA, there are now many options available for business or pleasure travel – and you may be pleasantly surprised at how cost-effective private jet travel can be. For example, if your company plans to book four or more business class tickets on a commercial flight, it may well be less expensive to charter a private plane. Plus, flying by private jet saves time and provides an optimal atmosphere for working. This means that a day often spent dealing with the vicissitudes of air travel can instead be transformed into a productive workday.


And the ultimate comfort provided by flying by private jet helps to ensure that your team members arrive at their destination rested, refreshed, and ready to bring their "A” game. These benefits also contribute to the health of your company’s bottom line.


Your Schedule, Not the Airline’s


When you fly commercial, you have to adapt your schedule to the availability of flights. This can cause numerous problems, including:

  • Having to leave a day early or stay a day longer – resulting in overnight stays, and additional hotel bills.
  • Having to leave later in the day than you want, spending the whole day in transit.
  • Having to stop over in an airport while waiting for a connecting flight, with unproductive "down time”.
  • Having to spend additional money to change flights when meetings end sooner or later than anticipated.


Even simply navigating security with a commercial flight can waste a great deal of time. Because security for private flights is much quicker and less demanding than that for commercial planes, you can arrive minutes before take-off without creating any problems.


Finally, private jets are able to land at more airports than commercial flights. Rather than having to fight traffic to get to Pearson, you could leave from a regional airport such as Hamilton’s John C. Munro, the Buttonville airport, or airports in Markham, Oshawa, Burlington, Waterloo, or Brampton. You may also be able to land at the airport nearest your ultimate destination, saving ground travel time after you land.


Choosing a Charter Air Transportation Company


Look for a company that offers various options with regard to jets. The Gulfstream G150 seats eight, and may be a perfect choice for a team building retreat, for example, while a smaller Premier 1A may be the right selection for a smaller contingent. Because you may have different needs at different times, partnering with a company that has a range of options makes sense.


Of course, safety is paramount, so ensure that the company you choose has a great safety record, and that employees are industry veterans.


Also, choose a company that provides the sorts of amenities your team will need to make your time in the air pleasant and useful. Better companies allow you to customize food and drink options, and they provide business essentials such as Wi-Fi, telephone communication, worktables, power outlets, and more.


Now that you know that private jet charter prices are comparable to commercial flights, why waste your valuable time flying business class, when you can focus on what’s important and arrive on your own terms? Choose the comfort, convenience, and efficiency of private jet travel.